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27 Feb 2020


                       ((I m a g i n e)
               (((Imagine there's no FORTRAN)
                   (It's easy if you try)
           (No SML below us) (Above us only Y)
          (Imagine all              the people)
         (Living for                their Chez))
      ((Imagine there's          no memory leaks)
                             (It isn't hard to do)
                              (Nothing to malloc(3)
                                    or free(3) for)
                               (And no (void *) too)
                             (Imagine all the people)
                              (Living in parentheses))
                           ((You may say I'm a Schemer)
                             (But I'm not the only one)
                         (I hope someday you'll join us)
                               (And the world will be as
                        (lambda (f) (lambda (x) (f x)))))
                          ((Imagine those   continuations)
                         (I wonder              if you can)
                   (No need for              C or pointers)
               (A brotherhood                        of Dan)
                (Imagine all                      the people)
                (GCing all                          the world))
           ((You may say                          I'm a Schemer)
          (But I'm not                              the only one)
     (I hope someday                                you'll join us)
    (And the world                                        will be as
(lambda (f)                                     (lambda (x) (f x)))))))

Posted to comp.lang.scheme on January 17, 1996, for Scheme's twentieth birthday.

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06 Aug 2014

spj's y-combinator in scheme

Recently i bought a second-hand copy of Simon Peyton Jones' classic The implementation of functional programming languages, and i've been having some very pleasant reading hours during the last week.

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12 Feb 2006

continuation kata

If you have a little Scheme under your belt, just plunge into the challenge right now:

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05 Feb 2006

beyond mainstream object-oriented programming


After a few scheming years, i had come to view objects as little more than poor-man closures. Rolling a simple (or not so simple) object system in scheme is almost a textbook exercise. Once you've got statically scoped, first-order procedures, you don't need no built-in objects. That said, it is not that object-oriented programming is not useful; at least in my case, i find myself often implementing applications in terms of a collection of procedures acting on requisite data structures. But, if we restrict ourselves to single-dispatch object oriented languages, i saw little reason to use any of them instead of my beloved Scheme.

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the joy of repl

Back in the old days i was a macho C++ programmer, one of those sneering at Java or any other language but C, willing to manage my memory and pointers and mystified by the complexity of the template syntax (it was difficult and cumbersome, ergo it had to be good). Everyone has a past.

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