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the last straw: xmobar at codeberg
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+#+title: the last straw: xmobar at codeberg
+#+date: <2022-07-10 02:29>
+#+filetags: programming
+I've been thinking of moving xmobar's repository and issue tracker out from
+Github for a long time, for many reasons; but i had been procrastinating on it
+for the exact same amount of time. Until just now. The /codepilot/ attack has
+finally broken the proverbial camel back, for reasons better explained in the
+[[][Give up campaign site]] from the [[][Software Freedom Conservancy]].
+There are some inconveniences associated with the move, like not being able to
+fully participate in issue discussion threads by email, or setting up CI
+tests, but i'm confident they'll be fixed in time, and, at any rate, the
+ultimate goal is worth putting up with them for as long as it takes.
+So, please follow us to the [[][new xmobar home]] over at Codeberg!
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