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2022-07-31parisian livesHEADmasterjao
2022-07-31in no particular orderjao
2022-07-31playing with eli's toysjao
2022-07-22consult recoll with live previewjao
2022-07-22codeberg linksjao
2022-07-12fix for xmobar urljao
2022-07-10the last straw: xmobar at codebergjao
2022-07-10klara and the sunjao
2022-07-10in no particular orderjao
2022-06-19simple note takingjao
2022-06-18in no particular orderjao
2022-06-08signel importedjao
2022-06-08slimmer emacs with kittyjao
2022-05-29in no particular orderjao
2022-05-29el infinito en un juncojao
2022-04-16let's talk lispjao
2022-03-23in no particular orderjao
2022-03-07in no particular orderjao
2022-01-27in no particular orderjao
2021-12-18in no particular orderjao
2021-11-09relaying mail to multiple smarthosts with opensmtpdjao
2021-10-29in no particular orderjao
2021-09-16in no particular orderjao
2021-09-09high signal-to-noise emacs commandjao
2021-09-04apropos libraryjao
2021-08-20hacking: emacs packagesjao
2021-08-20notmuch treads folding in emacsjao
2021-08-20makefile: spartajao
2021-08-20in no particular orderjao
2021-05-17fun with dependent typesjao
2021-05-17reading and searching gmane with gnus, fastjao
2021-05-17in no particular order (wip)jao
2021-04-05in no particular orderjao
2021-04-05reading source code is funjao
2021-04-05in-no-particular-order posts gonejao
2021-04-04consulting hunks updatejao
2021-04-01new pagesjao
2021-03-29preview markers for booksjao
2021-03-29back to previews (markers)jao
2021-03-11geiser linksjao
2021-03-11oblong linkjao
2021-03-11consult notmuchjao
2021-02-28simplicity pays offjao
2021-02-25corrected link to espotify.orgjao
2021-02-25in no particular order xviiijao
2021-02-11makefile nitjao
2021-02-11in no particular order xviijao
2021-02-11norss tagsjao