AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-23emacs: extensions to search result format specificationstree-result-formatjao
2021-08-23emacs: notmuch-tree: customizable strings for drawing treesjao
2021-08-22doc/emacs: use :code: for some missing referencesDavid Bremner
2021-08-22doc: read notmuch-tree.rsti for rst_epilogDavid Bremner
2021-08-22emacs/rstdoc: escape '*'David Bremner
2021-08-22CLI: define and use format version 5David Bremner
2021-08-21emacs: new command notmuch-tree-filter-by-tagjao
2021-08-21emacs: new command notmuch-tree-filterjao
2021-08-21test/path-config: use test_expect_equal_file_nonemptyDavid Bremner
2021-08-21test: add test_expect_equal_file_nonemptyDavid Bremner
2021-08-21test: factor out test_diff_file_David Bremner
2021-08-21test/expect_equal_file: whitespace cleanupDavid Bremner
2021-08-21doc: document database search algorithm.David Bremner
2021-08-18Merge tag 'debian/0.32.3-1'David Bremner
2021-08-17debian: drop patchesDavid Bremner
2021-08-17Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/debian/bullseye' into releaseDavid Bremner
2021-08-17debian: changelog for 0.32.3-1David Bremner
2021-08-17version: bump to 0.32.3David Bremner
2021-08-17NEWS: news for 0.32.3David Bremner
2021-08-17CLI/config: restore "notmuch config get built_with.*"David Bremner
2021-08-17test/config: add tests for built_withDavid Bremner
2021-08-17lib/open: look in MAILDIR for database, as documented.David Bremner
2021-08-17test: add known broken tests for finding database via MAILDIRDavid Bremner
2021-08-17lib: bump libnotmuch minor versionAustin Ray
2021-08-17lib: correct deprecated db open functions' docsAustin Ray
2021-08-05perf-test: fix for verboseFelipe Contreras
2021-08-05emacs: Refine scope of notmuch-jump-key faceProtesilaos Stavrou
2021-08-03emacs: honour notmuch-show-text/html-blocked-images in w3m messagesjao
2021-08-03test: revert to mkdir -p to make results directory.David Bremner
2021-08-03ruby: cleanup object_destroy()Felipe Contreras
2021-08-03test: use --minversion to detect GNU Parallel.David Bremner
2021-08-03Fix on BSD systems.Matt Armstrong
2021-08-03doc: drop note about early versions of XapianDavid Bremner
2021-08-02ruby: split database close and destroyFelipe Contreras
2021-07-30cli: remove extraneous space in messageSimon Branch
2021-07-25emacs: notmuch-tree: mark the initial message at point as readJonas Bernoulli
2021-07-19emacs: remove useless lexically bound variableDavid Bremner
2021-07-18ruby: enable garbage collection using tallocFelipe Contreras
2021-07-18ruby: create an actual wrapper structFelipe Contreras
2021-07-18perf-test: add ruby testFelipe Contreras
2021-07-13emacs: update declaration of notmuch-treeDavid Bremner
2021-07-06emacs: fix typo in variable nameDavid Bremner
2021-07-06replace references to freenode with references to liberaDavid Bremner
2021-07-03doc: new notmuch show --sort and related emacs commandstree-sortjao
2021-07-03emacs/tree: command to toggle search sort order in tree modejao
2021-07-03emacs/hello: honouring :sort-order in threaded queriesjao
2021-07-03CLI/show: tests for the new --sort optionjao
2021-07-03CLI/show: accept --sortjao
2021-06-29test: deduplicate T590Michael J Gruber
2021-06-28debian: document new build-dependencyDavid Bremner