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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-04nits and test targetjao
2022-11-04cleanups and unused code removedjao
2022-08-13lib: clean upsjao
2022-08-09xmobar-exwm -> xmobar-singlejao
2022-08-09xmobar-emacs, for emacs' tab barjao
2020-02-23threaded runtime (for the new coalescing)jao
2019-12-05GMPDP, an example of a plugin reading jsonjao
2019-09-20TopC for xmobar-exwmjao
2019-02-10MPD and MPris moved into Musicjao
2019-01-27Using monitor combiners to auto-switch mpd/mprisjao
2018-12-22Monitor reshufflingjao
2018-12-08Unifying MPD and Mpris in a single execjao
2018-12-01Directory layout directly usable by xmobar executablejao
2018-12-01Working xmobar top/bottom configurationsjao