AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
46 min.exwm: app runners clean-upsmainjao
87 min.notmuch: flagged searchesjao
89 min.magit: getting rid of the annoying fringe bitmapsjao
89 min.wee refactoringjao
90 min.display-buffer-avoid-small-windowsjao
90 min.more mouse avoidancejao
90 min.better term support: corfujao
11 hoursavoiding eww session reopeningjao
21 hoursatticjao
21 hoursworking better in term mode: html emails with .mailcapjao
21 hoursworking better in term mode: pdfs with zathurajao
21 hoursworking better in term modejao
22 hourscompletion: trying vertico for completion-in-region for a whilejao
5 dayskeeping erc's config aroundjao
5 dayswhitespace and nitsjao
5 daysthemes for emacs in termjao
5 daysembark: randomsig actionjao
2022-05-06light theme clean-upsjao
2022-05-06forge magit sectionsjao
2022-05-06email nitsjao
2022-04-30xmonad: xmobar killable by transientjao
2022-04-30notmuch hello: refresh agenda every now and thenjao
2022-04-29mail nitsjao
2022-04-29borgmatic nitsjao
2022-04-29jao-org-notes: fix for rgrepjao
2022-04-29recoll: display message/rfc822 via notmuchjao
2022-04-24notmuch: simple side barsjao
2022-04-24dark theme tweaksjao
2022-04-24eww title in mode-line also in emacs 28jao
2022-04-24old habits die hard (and C-c n is free anyway)jao
2022-04-24idempotent jao-chatsjao
2022-04-24transparency for emacs 28jao
2022-04-24completion nitsjao
2022-04-21wee section shufflingjao
2022-04-21themes: emacs 28 seems to prefer 'semibold to 'mediumjao
2022-04-18epub files in doc sessionjao
2022-04-16vundo looks nicejao
2022-04-16display-fill-column-indicator and whitespace-modejao
2022-04-16jao-dirmon: only if multisession availablejao
2022-04-16themes: ansi-color facesjao
2022-04-14so long, mct, welcome back, trusty vertico!jao
2022-04-14themes: default face family and sizejao
2022-04-13C-c C-c for vtermjao
2022-04-13nov mode for epubjao
2022-04-13fontsets the old wayjao