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The MDK utils will run on any GNU/Linux box (see
<a href="download.html#reqs">requirements</a>) and, of course, are
<a href="">free software</a>.
+ <p align="right"><font color="#000069" size="+1">
+ Planned features
+ </font></p>
+ MDK is currently under active development, and there are some
+ planned additional features I have in mind, e.g.
+ <ul>
+ <li> tracing of executed instructions in <b><i>mixvm</i></b>,
+ <li> allow MIXAL instructions as commands at the
+ <b><i>mixvm</i></b> prompt,
+ <li> include execution timing statistics,
+ <li> ncurses based frontend,
+ <li> GTK++/GNOME support,
+ <li> MMIX support
+ </ul>
+ Please, <a href="">let me know</a> which
+ of these features would you like better.
<p align="right">
Contact the <a href="">author.</a>