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2020-10-18mixal-mode.el synchronised with emacs'sJose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2019-03-11Obsolete string-to-int removed in favour of string-to-numberJose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2015-03-03Add missed instructions: SLB,SRB,JAE,JAO,JXE,JXO (from volume 2, section 4.5.2)litvin
2008-08-31.ignore files for the compilation productsjao
2008-03-15arch-inventory files removedJose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2008-03-15Ignore files generated by autogen.shJose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2007-06-25GPL v3 noticesJose A Ortega Ruiz
2006-03-21Arch inventory files addedJose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2006-03-20Bug fixes for 1.2.2 (latest CVS version)Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz
2006-03-20Version 1.2.1 imported1.2.1Jose Antonio Ortega Ruiz