AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
38 hoursmore little import clean upsHEADmasterjao
5 daysimport clean-upsjao
7 daysbetter abstracted icon drawing interfacejao
7 dayslintingjao
8 daysfix for -f-with_xrender buildcairojao
8 daysnew namespace: Xmobar.Drawjao
9 dayswee refactoring (more types in X11.Types)jao
9 dayscairo: non-cairo is not an optionjao
10 daysfix for -f-with_xrender buildjao
10 daysqualified importsjao
10 dayswhitespacejao
10 daysdocs: compilation instructions clean upsjao
10 daysci: libpango-dev dependency and more flag combinationsjao
11 daystesting CI flags usagejao
11 daysFix for non-cairo buildjao
11 dayslittle clean-upsjao
12 dayscairo: outer boxes fixesjao
12 dayslinting and version bumpjao
12 dayscairo: boxes as linesjao
12 dayscairo: boxes, take twojao
12 daysnew flag: with_xrenderjao
12 dayscairo: flags: with_xft gone and with_cairo true by defaultjao
12 dayslintingjao
13 dayscairo: box drawingjao
13 dayscairo: global background always via XRenderjao
14 dayswhitespacejao
14 dayscairo: honouring top/bottom offsets in color specificationsjao
2022-09-13cairo: ellipsize text segments if they go out of boundsjao
2022-09-13cairo: honouring iconOffsetjao
2022-09-13XlibDraw: verticalOffsets in XConf not neededjao
2022-09-13'Core' fonts not used anymore (utf8 is always required)jao
2022-09-12X11.MinXft not needed anymorejao
2022-09-12cairo: with_xft deprecated, with_cairo synomymjao
2022-09-12wee refactoring: a couple type synonymsjao
2022-09-11cairo: a couple of as yet unused imported foreign functionsjao
2022-09-11x event loop clean-upsjao
2022-09-11cairo: bitmapsjao
2022-09-11fix for the default, non-cairo buildjao
2022-09-11cairo: lintingjao
2022-09-11cairo: alpha (still pseudo, via xrender)jao
2022-09-11cairo: outer borderjao
2022-09-10cairo: left/center/right segmentsjao
2022-09-10cairo: <hspace>jao
2022-09-10cairo: fonts, offsets, colors, actionsjao
2022-09-09cairo: drawing skeleton from an xlib cairo surfacejao
2022-09-09cairo: pure xlib/xft drawing code factored outjao
2022-08-23Updates nix flake for local developmentsolomon
2022-08-13fix: default to textOffset for missing textOffsets entriesjao
2022-08-13fix: in -W0, char 0->[0,10], char 1->[10,20]...jao
2022-08-13xmobar.el nitsjao