AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-11-05Add a blurb on the hspace commandtulthix
2021-11-02hspace feature. Initial intent: make space for a traytulthix
2021-10-19changelog (michal)jao
2021-10-19add cirrus freebsd test (#580)Michał Zielonka
2021-10-17start using kvm library from bsd for receiving swapinfoMichal Zielonka
2021-10-16add top for freebsd procMichal Zielonka
2021-10-08try to add build action for freebsd + uptime plugin splitMichal Zielonka
2021-10-08try to reorganize modules per osMichal Zielonka
2021-10-07add support swap info for freebsdMichal Zielonka
2021-10-07Add freebsd support for net monitor plugin.Michal Zielonka
2021-10-04add reading memory specific for freebsdMichal Zielonka
2021-09-15Changelog and whitespacejao
2021-09-14Add documentation for QueueReader.Guy Gastineau
2021-09-14Add the QueueReader plugin.Guy Gastineau
2021-09-02Added link to list of station ids. (#565)NebuPookins
2021-08-13readme and changelog0.39jao
2021-08-12Refactor Kbd plugin: avoid partials, fallback to group nameNikolay Yakimov
2021-08-12Add getGrpNames to get layout group namesNikolay Yakimov
2021-08-12Fix xkbFreeNames call in getLayoutStrNikolay Yakimov
2021-08-12Fix XkbNamesRec type and Storable instanceNikolay Yakimov
2021-08-12changelog updatedjao
2021-08-08fix: padString should not make strings longerLeo Zhang
2021-07-14Relax base requirements to allow build with GHC 9.0 (#557)Vladimír Štill
2021-07-13Replace forkIO with bracket & Concurrent.AsyncAmir Saeid
2021-07-13Reconnect on ConnectionClosed exceptionAmir Saeid
2021-07-13Remove redundanciesAmir Saeid
2021-07-13Add Kraken pluginAmir Saeid
2021-07-12Nit, for homogeneity's sakejao
2021-07-12Add TopH and BottomH for only controlling height of the window. (#556)Joan MIlev
2021-07-06Changelog: mention of new CLI args handlingjao
2021-07-06Filter filename when executing Haskell-based configslotThe
2021-07-01Pass arguments if using xmobar.hsalternateved
2021-06-18Add Gentoo to installation method.187Qrly
2021-06-18Fix MultiCoreTemp --hwmon-path argument docsSebastian Nagel
2021-05-24changelog updatesjao
2021-05-24Merge branch 'notmuchmail-fix' [#548]jao
2021-05-24NotmuchMail: Update documentationslotThe
2021-05-24NotmuchMail: Manually implement Read instanceslotThe
2021-05-24Add NotmuchMail as a runnable typeslotThe
2021-05-22Add show instances for several types so that configs can be generated program...Ryan Trinkle
2021-05-21changelog and authorsjao
2021-05-21Add documentationSam Kirby
2021-05-19Remove unused import; apply lint hintSam Kirby
2021-05-19Add k10temp pluginSam Kirby
2021-05-19Version 0.380.38jao