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11 Oct 2023

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09 Nov 2021

relaying mail to multiple smarthosts with opensmtpd

I like to use a local smtp daemon for sending email from my laptop, because that way i can send emails even while disconnected and, even when the network is up, because i don't have to wait for the network protocol to be completed with a remote smarthost. Oh, and i also need local mail delivery.

For many years i've used postfix to those ends; it has an acceptably simply-ish configuration; but recently i've become fond of VPNs (mullvad, if you want to know), and was annoyed by its getting confused when /etc/resolv.conf changes (for instance, because you get the VPN up after postfix's service has started). I've found a pleasantly simple alternative: OpenSMTPD.

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04 May 2020


i've been learning a tiny bit about web security at mozilla's Web Security pages, and used their Mozilla Observatory to analyize this site and make it a bit safer. it was just a matter of adding a handful of headers to the webserver configuration, to wit:

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