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01 May 2020

dancers at the end of time


Just finished my first Michael Moorcock, the Dancers at the End of Time trilogy. Thoroughly enjoyable, with characters and situations that reminded me of the wit and humour of Eduardo Mendoza's Sin noticias de Gurb, a pretty lucid and refreshing underlying analysis and critique of our moral systems, and a non-obnoxious theory of time. All of that taking place in a version of Carroll's wonderland, extending over the ages, past and to come.

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28 May 2006

the third policeman


I've just finished The Third Policeman, my discovery of Flann O'Brien's hilarious and extremely witty work. I've enjoyed so much this novel that i had to find an alibi for posting it here. But that was easy. Let me introduce to you the prolific and sadly forgotten Irish physicist and philosopher de Selby, whose highly original theories constitute a reference frame of sorts in The Third Policeman's plot. We learn in there, for instance, how de Selby foretold modern ideas about the problem of time:

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