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31 Jul 2022

parisian lives

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19 Jun 2022

klara and the sun


A nicely written (as always with Ishiguro) history of Stevens turned into an artificially intelligent being, in a near future reminiscent of Never let me go. In other words, i found this novel heavily inspired in previous works of the author, which i admittedly find better than this one, but that doesn't mean the book doesn't throw at you a bunch of provocative musings or lacks a tranquil beauty that makes it absolutely worth reading.

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29 May 2022

el infinito en un junco


If you can read Spanish, i wouldn't miss the opportunity to read this beautfiul essay in the original: Irene Vallejo's prose is clear, elegant and very beautiful. It's a delight (and a relief) to read. And, if you can't read Spanish but have a translation handy, i wouldn't miss the opportunity to read it either, for a very entertaining account of the history of ancient books sprinkled with lots of interesting (to me, at least!) bits about the Greek and Roman worlds. The book is morever wrapped in a subdued and sober optimism that i've found reinvigorating and sorely needed in these times, when one often feels like running on empty. Heartily recommended!

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16 Apr 2022

let's talk lisp

I just got a second-hand copy of this classic. Sometimes, used books are more charming than new ones:

lets-talk-lisp-0.jpg lets-talk-lisp-1.jpg
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17 May 2021

fun with dependent types

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25 Dec 2020

appius and virginia

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07 Oct 2020

the simulacra

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31 Aug 2020


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09 Jul 2020

this is shakespeare

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01 May 2020

dancers at the end of time

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28 May 2006

the third policeman

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