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11 Oct 2023

poor things


I've read good things about the forthcoming movie, and liked what I saw in the promotional video, but I cannot believe it's going to be near as good as this novel. The book has too many nuances, literary tricks and wordplay and paragraphs one has to read and reread, to be translated to a film. The latter might be its own work of art, and that's fine. But if you're curious about the movie, I'd definitely recommend to read this book. If you're not, I'd definitely recommend to read this book. The writing is fresh and funny, in typical Gray fashion, and the real themes of the book are universal and exposed in a way that is very entertaining on the surface, but with a subtext that gives you food for thought. I don't remember when was the last time that I read two hundred pages of a book in a single day, time just flew, as they say.

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