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25 Dec 2020

appius and virginia


I recently learnt, at The Neglected Books Page (aptly subtitled Where forgotten books are remembered), about G.E. Trevelyan, an author all but forgotten nowadays too. More concretely, I read about her first novel, Appius and Virginia, and was very intrigued and happy to discover in this video feature that it was going to be re-printed by Abandoned Books Press. My copy arrived yesterday, and it's easily been the best book i've read this year. It's daring, original and exceptionally well-written. It reminds me of another of my favourites of all times, Aldous Huxley, or Woolf if she had tried to try her stream-of-consciousness experiments to the mind of an ape, or maybe Mary Shelley, had she imagined Frankenstein's creature as a puzzled orangutan.

G.E. Trevelyan died tragically due to a Nazi bomb, and had only time for 7 more novels. I'm looking forward to reading them!

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