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23 Feb 2020

signel, a barebones signal chat on top of signal-cli

Unlike most chat systems in common use, Signal lacks a decent emacs client. All i could find was signal-msg, which is able only to send messages and has a readme that explicitly warns that its is not a chat application. Skimming over signal-msg's code i learnt about signal-cli, a java-based daemon that knows how to send and receive signal messages, and how to link to a nearby phone, or register new users. And playing with it i saw that it can output its activities formatted as JSON, and that offers (when run in daemon mode) a DBUS service that can be used to send messages.

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11 Feb 2020


I like simple things. As simple as possible, but not simpler: they should live well in my little emacs universe. Bastian Bechtold's org-static-blog, a static site generator using org-mode, is the latest star in that virtual world.

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06 May 2017

gödel's incompleteness illustrated

I am having a great time reading Smullyan's Gödel's Incompleteness Theorems, a thin volume with the most elegant description of Gödel's and Tarski's work i've read so far. It's also the most succint, and it starts with a very nice and very clear demonstration of indecidability that is the simplest i have ever seen. I like it a lot, and it's short enough for a quick blog post. Here it goes.

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30 Nov 2016

donald stewart on haskell in the large

Last October Don Stewart gave a very interesting talk at CodeNode on his experience using Haskell at a large scale. And by large, he means millions of lines of code. Although he wasn't allowed to talk about the very specifics of the code, his talk is full of interesting remarks that i found resonate with my experience. They actually convinced me that the next language i should try in production should be OCaml.

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29 Nov 2014

emacs tip: tweeting from emacs-w3m

To follow twitter, i connect to a local Bitlbee server via emacs, using the Circe IRC client, and i browse the web using emacs-w3m.

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